Sunday, July 28, 2019

You Can Now Go Inside The London House Where Van Gogh Used To Live

Find the blue sticker. Photo: Tom Parsons

The London House, where the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh - the subject of a major exhibition in the Tate Britain - was in his twenties, is now open to the public.

It was only a short time of his life, between 1873 and 1877, and not much of his time in the capital remains. However, if you stroll through the side streets of Stockwell, you'll spot a blue badge at Hackford Road 87, which declares it to be his residence. The house was recently renovated and is now open for guided tours.

It is now used for temporary exhibitions. Image copyright Saskia Olde Wolbers.

When we last visited an art installation in 2014, it was in a semi-dilapidated and somewhat atmospheric state. Now the peeling wallpaper and the battered furniture are gone and it is much flawless. If you are worried that the story will be erased, keep in mind that this house was inhabited by many others before a local postman discovered the connection to Van Gogh - this discovery took place in 1971 and the blue plaque followed in 1973.

When the house was for sale in 2012, James and Alice Wang bought it for £ 525,000. The art lover and businessman James remarked:

I can not afford a Van Gogh painting, but I can afford his house.

You may have demolished the outhouse, but the toilet seat remains. Photo: Tom Parsons

In fact, there is not much left of the painter's time, although the staircase and floorboards and mantel in Van Gogh's room date back to that time. That's why the house needs guidance - without the context the guides provide, there is not much to do. We thank the new owners for getting what they can, and new discoveries are still being made. In the attic, the builders found a prayer book, and though there is no evidence that it belonged to Van Gogh, he was a very religious man, and the owners of the house were not so religiously minded that it would be kept safe if it was should be turn out to be.

The tour of the house begins at a nearby gallery before crossing Brixton Road to see the route Van Gogh took to work. He was an avid wanderer, so he went from Stockwell to the art dealer on Southampton Street in Covent Garden, where he worked. He claimed he needed 45 minutes, so he had to walk to a fair clip - Google Maps suggests it would take more than an hour.

The back has received a very modern extension. Photo: Tom Parsons

In Van Gogh's time, the house belonged to mother and daughter Ursula and Eugenie Loyer, who led a small school in the anteroom and built their income through subtenants. He noted that it had been the happiest time of his life - possibly because he had fallen in love with a woman but was later rejected. Early historical records indicated that it was the mother Ursula, but recent evidence suggests that her daughter Eugenie was more likely to be of a similar age to Van Gogh.

This unrequited love may have been the reason Van Gogh suddenly left the house and became more religious, away from art and preaching. His time in this house may have been only a few years, but it was an important part of his life before he became a tortured artist figure with whom we are all familiar.

A postcard of what the old outer enclosure looked like before it was demolished.

Fortunately, the new owners want to make the house as artistic as possible with plays and temporary exhibitions. The aim is also to have artists who work in their residence and channel their own inner Van Gogh, inspired by their predecessor.

The Van Gogh House is not the only appreciation for the artist's time in London, because right next door is Van Gogh Walk - a short pedestrian street filled with community gardens and a community library in a small cabinet on the wall. It's a nice detour before we head back to London, although unlike Van Gogh, we'll take the subway.

Van Gogh House can only be visited as part of a guided tour. The tours take place on Thursdays and Saturdays and currently cost £ 9.50 per person. The total price is £ 15.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

What to Do in New York This Weekend

From poetic and political pictures within the Bronx to dancers swimming and taking part in tennis on stage at Lincoln Middle, right here's a information to what the town has to supply.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

J. Cole’s ‘Dreamers’ Lastly Attain No. 1

The third installment of the rapper's collaborative album collection has surpassed the Billboard 200, and Machine Gun Kelly has opened at quantity 5.

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

One to observe: Ghum | Music

"OOur songs are at all times about relationships and emotions in the direction of individuals, "says Laura Guerrero Lora, frontwoman of the post-punk quartet Ghum. "Particularly the worst." The remedy is at all times inside attain with regards to Ghum, whose lyrics dissect love with evil precision.

The band's greatest songs are powered by rousing basslines and thrilling guitars. punk, however with the stately grace of Goth-pop. Guerrero Lora has the flexibility to sing in each register, from whispering to screaming, just like the early PJ Harvey - typically anxious, at all times uncooked. Usually, Ghum's tracks dissolve as an alternative of ending, as if the band's angle is only a masks.

They have been based in 2017 on Gumtree (therefore the title), with Guerrero Lora along with the Brazilian bassist Marina MJ and the Londoners Jojo Khor (guitar) and Vicki Butler (drums) appeared for months within the East London Pub The Outdated Blue Final in the beginning of the beer Reside taking part in and publishing music, together with this 12 months's punchy singles Get Up and Saturn.

The lengthy shadow of the Pleasure Division might cling over them (together with colleagues like Drahla, Actors and Savages), however originality might be overrated. What issues is what you do along with your influences, and the depth of Ghum produces catharsis.

Watch the video Ghums I'm the storm.

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